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Room Makeovers on a Budget

I realise I did up my bedroom FOREVER ago, but I never talked you through the various upcycles I did. This post will be full of budget options to save some money when doing up a room. My room design concept was developed by Adele Roche who is honestly the most talented individual and I couldn’t recommend her more. She has such an eye for detail and she is a total colour genius. Check out my previous blog post on this to see the mood board she developed for my room. Anyways back to my cheap ass contribution to the room.

Bedside locker

I bought myself a new bedside locker because I couldn’t find one in the shape I wanted. I got it on Jysk but, I couldn’t just leave it plain so I painted this leaf pattern on the front and painted the locker the same white as my bed. I loved how this turned out and the touch of gold really makes it stand out. I mixed my own colours for this which also saved me some cash. If I had to buy every single shade I used in both this and my mural I’d be a very broke, sad woman. As for the quality of the locker, you get what you pay for. But it’s still going strong so no regrets there.


I bought the bed for 25€ on Adverts as my previous bed headboard was curved lines and I wanted a more modern look. I knew I was going to paint it as pine is just not my vibe. Beds are difficult to paint and I find this is chipping a bit despite me cleaning sanding and priming this before using a high-quality paint. My previous bed was painted using Valspar paint and I have to say I was super impressed with that paint and I’d probably consider buying it again for a bed. I just feel the paint needs to be super clingy (much like myself) to stick well to the sides of the bed. Anyways maybe I’m the issue, am I the drama??


I had a gorgeous tree but it was too low when it was sitting on the ground so I decided to upcycle a stool we had lying around the house and used paint I already had. This is a super cheap and easy way to add height to your plants. I added little gold painted feet to the stool for that lil somethin' somethin'. Pretty cute right for a free upcycle.

Discount codes

So I wanted a huge H&M rug for my room but… I’m poor. So I signed up for their newsletter and got 20% off which made a huge difference and this purchase really finished off the room. As I didn’t have the cash to change my floor and I reallllly didn’t want the effort of painting it so this was the easiest and cheapest option. I also bought some gorgeous brown bedding from H&M and the quality was really good.

Paint samples

Another easy way to save money is to only buy samples when painting a mural, as you won’t need much paint at all. Some brands also have bigger sample pots like Tikkurila and Crown paints. These are beefy enough that you could get some serious details done in a mural. Check out my blog post on this mural for more details on how I did this.


Yes, you guessed it my favourite upcycle in this room was when I painted my TV frame to blend it in with the gallery wall. This was super simple and cost me nothing as I used leftover paint to achieve this look. This has not affected the performance of my old stanky ass TV but has affected how good it looks. I mean just look at that. It's so nice. I'm over the moon I took the chance with this. I thought I would get a lot of hate for this to be honest, but not a single person got annoyed I painted my TV. I won't lie I was so ready for the outrage once I posted it , I was disappointed when none came... I'll have to paint something more ridiculous.


My wardrobes take up an entire wall of my room, so you know it made a huge impact when I painted them the same colour as the walls. Painting laminate wardrobes is actually really easy I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Check out this blog post if you’re thinking of tackling yours. I also sprayed the wardrobe handles which made them look so finished. The paint on the handles and wardrobes are completely perfect after all this time also. You can see here I painted my dressing table gold which completely transformed the space.

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