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Commission Process and Furniture Available

Hi friend, I thought I'd write a post about my commission process so I can direct clients to it if they want to read about the process in full. I'll detail the pieces I have available below and talk you through the design, painting and final approval process. Prices depend on the complexity of the design, the size of the piece and the number of colours or techniques used.

If you have furniture yourself that you want to be painted in my style I can of course also facilitate that, just drop me a message on Instagram @colourfulsaz or via email at

Okay with that out of the way let's get into it.

Furniture available

This mid-century modern chest of drawers is completely gorgeous. I've since stripped and sanded this piece and it's looking so good. I have a few designs drawn for this piece already. Dimensions 40d 77w 90h cm.

This pair of mid-century lockers are completely gorgeous and such a perfect blank canvas for whatever design and colours would suit your room. Dimensions 32d 39w 66h cm.

This little table definitely requires some imagination to see it looking beautiful once again. But that doesn't worry me! I picture this with some funky pattern. This would be perfect for a budget-friendly housewarming gift. Dimensions 61w 26d 40h cm

Design Process

Once you've chosen what you want painting I will ask you what colours or design ideas you have in mind for your home. Don't worry if you have no clue, if you provide me with a photo of the room the furniture will be put in I can magic something up! Also if you have some examples of my work that you liked previously or any inspiration pictures that can really help. I will draw up some sketches and ask you to choose your favourite. We will go back and forth a couple of times just to make sure you're happy with the design. These sketches are rough and the colours are not final.

Once the design is chosen I'll send you pictures of some colour options and we'll finalise the colour choices. This can be tricky to do as colours on screens can be altered slightly. So if you're looking for a very specific colour scheme I can post different samples for you to choose from. I will then give you a final price for the piece. I take a deposit before starting painting a piece and the balance is paid once complete. Then it's onto painting your piece.


Once we have the design and colours chosen it's over to me to paint your design. This can take a few weeks, but generally speaking, I get things done quite quickly (because I'm unhealthily obsessive).

If you want progress pictures I can definitely send some on but sometimes it's better to wait until it's complete as I know some people can struggle with the messy phases in painting and panic, DON'T PANIC it will end up beautiful. But furniture does go through some rather ugly processes with the sanding, the priming etc. so you have to trust the process.

Final Approval and Delivery

Once I am done painting I will send you pictures to make sure you love your new furniture as much as I do. Then if you're in Dublin and qualify for free delivery (this will be determined prior to painting etc.) I will deliver the piece to your home.

Previous Commissions and Reviews

I'm so excited to get these into the house. The girls think you are magic thank you so much.I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone. What a great talent.- Barbara ,Dublin

My drawers are absolutely fabulous. A piece of art. Thanks so much Sarah. A pleasure to deal with and open to input which was great- Review

How good does this piece look in it's forever home??

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch via my social below or by email at

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