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I Painted My TV...

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Hi guys, I hope you're all good. I'd love to start this story with some witty anecdote but God knows nothing has happened in my life the last..well year. So let talk about the weather shall we? The sun is out here in Dublin and I don't know about you but I struggle with the changing seasons. I miss the cosy nights in.

Anyways I digress, today I'm sharing with you a gripe I had. Do you ever notice something you hate about your room and then have an overwhelming NEED to change it right there and then? Well, the other night I realised how ugly my TV was looking amongst my picture frames. It's mounted on the wall and just did;t tie in with the room. I suddenly realised- why not paint it? I rarely use the TV in my room and it's cheap and old so I didn't mind taking the risk of losing it altogether. But of course, that didn't happen. You literally can paint ANYTHING.

Check out my instructions and Youtube video below and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer- Please note if you paint your own TV do so with caution. This could damage your TV if not done properly. I do not take responsibility for you getting paint in your speakers and not being able to watch Love Island.

Products used;

  • Medium grit sandpaper

  • Otex Akva

  • Helmi 30 (any colour will do for this base coat as long as its a bit dark)

  • Taika in Sole KM

  • Two Fussy Blokes rollers in semi-smooth

  • Frog Tape


  1. Clean- Using a cleaning spray or sugar soap clean your TV super well. TVs can be super dusty so make sure it's free from dust before moving on to the next step.

  2. Sand- Lightly scuff the frame of the tv.

  3. Clean again- ensure there's no residue from sanding on the TV. This will cause the paint not the adhere and create a gritty texture that no one wants.

  4. Tape- Use masking tape to tape off the screen and the back of the TV- you'll see in the video I am just painting the frame itself not the back. You need to be careful with the screen when you're applying your tape

  5. Prime- Using the Otex Akva I rolled the TV frame. Allow this to dry.

  6. Paint- Apply a base coat of furniture paint of a deepish colour. I learnt the hard way that this is necessary to avoid 500 coats of gold paint!

  7. Paint again- apply gold paint on the frame using a paintbrush and allow it to dry. Then using your roller apply a final coat.

  8. Remove tape- while the paint is wet, remove your tape.

  9. Remove any spills- use a Q tip or a rag to remove any paint that's gotten on places it shouldn't be! (Did you know Q tips shouldn't go near your ears? What are you meant to clean your ears out with then??)

So there you have it, the possibilities are endless. You could also gold leaf your TV for extra bling if you like more of a wow factor.

I hope you liked this blogpost and if you try it out be sure to tag me, @colourfulsaz.

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