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Punchneedling- Carving and Inspiration

Hi guys, welcome back! Today I'm talking about all things punchneedling. This is a craft I picked up about a year or so ago now and I adore it. It is super time consuming but also very simple. It's a great activity for when you're watching TV as you don't need to pay too much attention to what you're doing. It's pretty much colouring in but with wool.

Today I want to focus on the carving aspect of punchneedling. This is what I did to achieve this 3D piece for my bedroom. I will also be discussing the many sources of inspiration I have found for this craft. Let's get into it.

Stuff you’ll need

  • Sharp scissors

  • Punchneedle and threader

  • Wool- I use cheap wool from Dealz or Mr Price

  • Hessian or monks cloth fabric (you can try with anything woven)

Punchneedling Basics

Punchneedling is literally so difficult to explain. But once you get the hang of it, it really is so simple! I’ll link a how-to video, as I don't think any written instructions could possibly illustrate how to do this. Also.. I can't be bothered.


  1. Start with a fully punched piece- the closer together and the longer the stitches the better. This will ensure you have more to work with.

  2. Carve the side that has the pile (ie where the wool is sticking out not flat).

  3. First, cut all loops and give it a light haircut.

  4. If you want the shape to look 3d make sure the highest part is in the centre with the pile becoming shorter towards the outer edges.

  5. This takes forever. Don’t underestimate how sore your hand will be from cutting. Although I think if you paid for good scissors it might be easier! Also, you can buy electric shears for this type of thing but it’s super expensive and I’m cheap. But something to consider if you love this craft.

  6. Fluff- try rubbing the wool to see how it's sitting and see if there are any stray pieces you need to cut. Sometimes the loops will be hiding under there.

  7. Back- once complete you can seal the back using PVA glue and then tuck in the excess fabric. You can also sew the sides tucking in the frayed edges. The back of mine is super messy but it doesn't matter you'll never see it.

  8. Frame- I used a frame from H&M home here and I just glued the piece to it.


The piece I have done here is so basic compared to some of the amazing artists I am about to open your brain to. You will never be the same again honestly. After writing this blog I'm going to have to start a new project after looking at them all.


First up is the lovely Joanne Mooney. She introduced me to punch needling! I was lucky enough to go to one of her workshops where we learned how to punchneedle a basket. I always wanted to know how Joanne does this as it seemed like such a difficult material to work with but it's actually dead easy once you start. Joanne has punch needled it all from mirrors to matts, to self-portraits. Her projects are endless fun. Check out her instagram here @joannemooney_ and her website where she sells punch needling kits also!

Joanne Mooney


Catherine Keher is my next source of punchneedle inspiration. With earthy tones and lots of texture I always love what she creates for her home. Every piece is so uniquely her own and I love how much attention to detail and thought she puts into everything she does. You can follow her projects on Instagram @ck_ireland. Catherine has some amazing highlights saved for her projects so definitely check them out for some tips. Including using carpet grippers to create a large frame-genius! Okay I could start talking about how much I want my future house to look like hers but honestly I'll be here all day. Here are some examples of her work.

Catherine Keher


Next is Cathy LeVitre. Her work is so different and the colours are always so vibrant and beautiful. Each piece really has her style stamped all over it. It is true art. It almost makes me want to drop the paintbrush and pick up the punchneedle ... almost.

Honestly, I can't find the words to describe how talented she is so just look at these photos below and check out her instagram @cathymlevitre

Cathy LeVitre


And last but not least Venus Perez. Venus was the source of inspiration for my carved piece above. Prior to finding her work I hadn't seen 3D punch needle pieces. It honestly blew my mind. She recreated perfect facial features ... with WOOL. The colours, the texture... honestly I'm running out of adjectives but check out her work below it does not disappoint. Not only is her work incredible but she is also so kind. She shared so many tips with me when I tried it out for the first time. For this reason, you need to check out her Instagram @func.n.rec There are posts about how she carves different facial features, hair and general tips that you will really appreciate.

Venus Perez

Okay so that's about it for my punchneedling rambles. Have you punchneedled before? And if not are you inspired to do so now? Go on give it a go honestly it's so relaxing. They make such a nice addition to a gallery wall as well. Really adds some texture to a collection of pictures.

This has really given me the goo to start a new project. Speak to you soon.

Sarah Murphy

Thank you so much to Joanne, Catherine, Cathy and Venus for allowing me to include your work.

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