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Cherry Blossom Lockers

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Hi all, welcome back to my blog. Thank you so much for clicking on and supporting my work, it means the world.

Today I'm sharing a project from December 2019 (I know, this has been sitting in my camera roll for some time). This was a commission for a lady who liked the idea of something Japanese inspired, with cherry blossom trees. This isn't my usual style so it's nice to share something different with two different techniques to show you- painting flowers and painting faux marble. Enough chatter from me, here's how it's done;

Starting with fully prepped and primed lockers I rolled black furniture paint (Helmi 30 from Tikkurilla) onto the lockers using a brush to get into the crevices. Next up is the fun stuff.

For the cherry blossoms;

  1. I used a reference photo of a cherry blossom tree to try to get a natural-looking tree design.

  2. Paint the branches- Using an artist's paintbrush I painted on white for the basic shape of the branch.

  3. Shading- I then added tones of grey to mimic shadow. To achieve a good blend add different colours while the paint is wet.

  4. Paint the flowers- again using a reference picture I painted flowers with 5 petals. I did two layers of white paint.

  5. Add buds by adding little dots or a couple of petals.

  6. While the second coat was wet I added pink from the centre of the flower outwards.

For the faux-marble technique;

  1. Work in small sections. Apply black paint on then using a sponge dab on white paint.

  2. Blending- using a clean sponge continue to dab the wet paint to blend it in.

  3. Adding vines- using a tiny artist's paintbrush start adding vine-like shapes. Again I used a reference photo of some marble to mimic how the vines present themselves. i.e. what direction they're going in and how they branch off.

  4. When a vine has been painted I use a dry brush to brush over the vine to blend it in.

  5. Varnish- add a layer of water-based varnish to the top of the locker for durability.

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