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Furniture Prep for a Perfect Finish

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Hi all, back again with a blog on how to prep your furniture to ensure a perfect finish every single time.

  1. Clean- Use sugar soap or Krud Kutter and a sponge to clean your piece. Krud kutter is great for anything with a lot of greasy residue so kitchen chairs for example. You can use a cotton bud for any super detailed areas of your furniture. This will ensure there's no build up on the details. Wipe off the residue with a wet cloth. Allow the piece to dry before sanding.

  2. Sand- Using a medium grit sandpaper, key the surface of your furniture. This shouldn’t take long so you have absolutely no excuse to skip this step.

  3. Clean again- Use a tack cloth to wipe off all the residue from sanding. This is super important to ensure a smooth surface.

  4. Prime- The type of primer you use comes down to what material your furniture is made from. An oil-based primer is used to seal knots and tannins in the wood, this primer would be used on pine for example or teak. A water-based primer is usually suitable for any wood that doesn't have any stain-blocking needs. You can also paint furniture from Ikea by checking that the primer is suitable for the laminate shiny surface they use on their furniture. I use a Two Fussy Blokes roller to prime my pieces as they leave a sprayed-like finish. Make sure to follow the paint instructions to allow this to dry before painting.

Check out my youtube tutorial below to see all of the above steps in action!

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