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Sunset Table

Hi all, sharing an oldie with you today.

I am working through my archive and slowly uploading a bunch of videos that were long lost onto my Youtube channel. It's pretty time consuming but I am proud of all the videos I have got. It's like a mini portfolio of my work.

Anyways back to the matter at hand, today I am sharing my sunset table. This is one of the first pieces of furniture I painted back when I was getting my studio together. I wanted something super colourful (shocker) and striped. So this is what I came up with. I hope you like it!

How it's done;

  1. Clean- clean your filthy table down. Don't skip this step. Even if your house is immaculate, even if you just bought the table. Dust is everywhere. Like God.

  2. Sand- you always need to key the surface so the paint can grip on like a gold digger holding onto that rich hubby. A slight scoring will do.

  3. Prime - using the correct primer roll it on using a Two Fussy Blokes roller ( trust me on that one). This was a laminate table so I used Otex Akva.

  4. Sky- For the sky, I used pink and orange in an ombre effect. The way to get a perfectly blended sky is to blend them together whilst the paint is really wet. So working quickly is key.

  5. Sea- Mask out the horizon and paint on the sea.

  6. Masking tape- mask out the stripes for the sea and then apply masking tape all over the sky where the sun will be.

  7. Cut around a circular object-put something circular on the centre of the table and use a craft knife to cut around it so you can remove the masking tape. This creates the perfect circle for your sun.

  8. Sun-Paint the sun and again working whilst the paint is wet blend in some orange and yellow to give it depth.

  9. Stripes- using a darker blue paint the sea.

  10. Reflection- add some yellow stripes to create the suns reflection in the water

  11. Varnish- using a water-based varnish (oil-based yellows over time), apply 2-3 thin coats using a roller.

Allow all the paint to cure and you've got yourself a bitchin' table. I hope you like it and try something like it out at home!

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