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Home Office Colour-Blocking

Hi guys, another mural being thrown at you today!

I'm finally getting around to updating my blog. So I thought I would talk you through this little revamp I did in my home office/ studio.

I wanted to separate my studio a bit to create a calming section where I work from home. Colour blocking is a great way to create different zones in a multi-functional room.

Here's how I did it;

  1. Sanding- this wall was quite bumpy and full of filler so I sanded the wall down to create a smoother surface.

  2. Clean- I then wiped the wall to get rid of all that pesky sanding dust.

  3. Draw- I drew out my design using a right-angled ruler, a pin nail and some non-stretchy string. I hammered a nail into the wall where I wanted the centre of my circle to be and then attached a piece of string tying it to the nail sticking out from the wall. I then wrapped this string around a pencil so I could pull it tight and draw a circle on the wall.

  4. Masked- I then masked out the straight lines of my design.

  5. Cut in- Using an artists paintbrush cut in on the curved lines with a paint-loaded brush.

  6. Roll- Using my two fussy blokes rollers I rolled each colour.

You'll see more detail in my Youtube tutorial below. I also brought the design down onto my desk to create a seamless look. This really helped to blend the (quite ugly) table in.

I'm super happy with these results and I think it could be applied to any home office. Anything to make working from home a little more bearable is definitely worth it.

Thanks for reading and if you try it out make sure to tag me!





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