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Squiggle Mural

Hi guys back again with another mural. This time it’s a super fun one that can be done pretty quickly if you don’t walk away from it for two weeks as I did. Super simple and very little paint/ tools are needed to recreate this.

Stuff you need

  • Wall paint testers

  • Paintbrushes

  • Leftover paint from the wall itself

How I did it:

  1. Base- start with a freshly painted wall. You’ll need some of the leftover paint for touchups.

  2. Mark out your design-I’d like to tell you I had some drawing of the design done beforehand but to be honest, I had no motivation and anything I tried to draw was awful. So instead I used the paint to mark out my design. Not a big deal if you make a mistake you just paint over it with the background colour.

  3. Brushstrokes- then following the lines you created with paint, get a paintbrush the same width as you want your stripe to be and follow your design. Load up your paintbrush well but make sure to wipe it on something flat so you get good coverage but no drips. When you’re doing curves you want to keep the brush flat to maintain the same width throughout. This step can be messy but it doesn’t matter as we will be doing a lot of touch-ups to get it to the more graphic design we want.

  4. Second coat- do another coat on your lines to ensure the colour is vibrant. In this case, as I was using white on quite a deep pink I think I did 3 coats.

  5. Touch-ups- this is the most time-consuming part of this design. The rest takes no time at all but the touch-ups are killer. Use the background colour to touch up anywhere you brought your lines too wide and use the line colour (in this case mine is white) to get a crisp line.

  6. Small thin line- I did a small thin grey line on my wall to tie it all together. I used the same steps above using a smaller brush.

And that’s it! Super simple. I found this design so daunting as I thought it would be difficult to get the same width on the lines all over but using the paintbrush as I’ve detailed above and maintaining the same level of paint on it also really helps to keep it consistent. I'll add my youtube tutorial on this at the end of this post.

I hope you like this mural and if you try out this technique be sure to tag me.

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