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Colourful Art for Sale

Hi friend, I've decided to write a few blog posts detailing what I have for sale- an artist trying to sell her work SHOCK HORROR I know. But anyways I have some gorgeous unique wooden wall hangings that I think you or a friend will love! So what are you waiting for get that present you've been putting off forever.

All prices include packaging and posting within Ireland. I can ship to other countries with an additional postage fee just get in touch. All pieces are ready to be hung with fixings on the back of the wooden pieces. Please note the wooden wall hangings are painted on reclaimed wood, this means they are not perfect in nature but you can rest easy knowing we've saved this wood from going to the skip.

Also if you'd like me to paint a design in specific colours like the ones below, do get in touch and we can arrange a piece perfect for your home!

This beauty is neon pink and turquoise. As I said it has been painted onto a scrap of wood I have repurposed. As a result, it's a tad wonky but it adds to its charm. 80€ including postage within Ireland. 40X23cm

This navy, blue and pink beauty is really beautiful. 40€ abstract painting on canvas

This colourful gradient geometric design is completely stunning with a pop of gold leaf this is one of my favourites. 90€ 40X23CM

Paint pour on canvas with a geometric cube design. This piece is stunning in vibrant pinks, greens, orange and yellow. These psychedelic colours would make anyone happy. 80€ including postage within Ireland.

This free-flowing squiggle piece is in lilac and turquoise. 60€ 40X23 cm approximately. Again this is painted on some reclaimed gorgeously wonky wood!


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